• Peking Glass

Beijing Taoyunzhai Craftwork Company specializes in making fine reproductions of antique Peking Glass works. Due to our excellent craftsmanship and reasonable prices, our products are greatly valued both at home and abroad. Customers rave about our products’ magnificent firing technique, superb carvings, harmonious colors and high polished finish.

Our company has been making Peking Glass wares for many years, all operations performed in the firing, carving or treatment of a product are done by highly skilled and sophisticated craftsmen. Each piece is uniquely designed and treated as a work of art. We espouse to create a incomparable collection of work that is nothing less than a pleasure and pride for each customer to have in their home or office, one that will only increase in value in the future.

Our main business activities are spot orders and custom work. We are confident of our ability to conduct any transactions, and to execute any orders committed to our charge in a speedy, economical, and satisfactory manner. It is our privilege to work toward meeting our clients' requirements. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us, we appreciate receiving inquires regarding our products.


Beijing Taoyunzhai Craftwork Trading Center

Room 106A, Building No.8, 18 Jian'guo Rd., Beijing, China